From the first days of R&D Robotics, the market shaped our future. To give the best service to our customers, the market pulled us to other specific areas and we headed our new service branches. We support the line of businesses which you can see below:

Research & Development

Electronics Design & Production

Industrial Robotics

Factory Automation


IoT Services

The application we deliver to our customers can be a single business area above. Or it can be an industrial robotics application that includes an original approach by the help of a research & development period, an electrical cabinet involves PLCs and other factory automation equipments, a software application that runs on a PC, an electronics device that newly designed for collecting data from sensors and an IoT service for remote monitoring.

Research & Development

We convert your ideas into reality. We listen to idea carefully, study it a lot, and create a test environment for the first steps. And we develop it! Again and again!

Here what we did so far by some reference applications:

Vibration sampling and detecting anomalities of motors

Creating an industrial gateway PC device with a failsafe characteristics.

Creating a light curtain device for machine safety

Creating a WiFi connecitivity solution for industrial devices

Creating a controller device that programmable from USB for industrial machine automation

Current sampling and making graphs for Renault Espace 6th and 7th car seat automatic folding system

Long range wireless signal transferring

Creating a software for industrial robotics with kinamatics solutions involved

Creating a test equpiment for Renault Fluence car seat test using CAN BUS

Electronics Design & Production

We have standart devices for industrial and consumer applications. On the other hand, we can design a product for you!

Sample projects for our electronics experience:

Wireless/Wired IoT Gateway PC

Wireless Vibration & Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Analog Signal Monitoring

Wireless AC Current Monitoring

Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Light Curtain

Test Device Electronics Hardware

Industrial Robotics

Our industrial robotics applications don't depend on any robotics brands, but mostly we were busy FANUC, ABB and KUKA robots. Over 50 robotics cells installed and over 1000 robotics revisions made.

Sample experiences:

Fully automatic CNC machine tending


Spot welding

Pick & place

3D machining & cutting


Laser welding

Factory Automation

Using programmable logic controllers (PLCs), we install electrical cabinets on your production lines. Some of them are simple process controller electrical cabinets, on the ohter hand, some of them are poka yoke applications which force operators to work as what processes require. Without any PLCs, the automation application is done by using PCs and I/O cards. Your old machine electrical cabinets can also be renewed.

Sample experiences:

Process control applications

Machine conrolling

Line controller/process controller automations

Poka Yoke systems

Automations for test equipments

Electrical cabinet renewing with the latest technology controllers


All your needs are done in house! Including software!

Sample experiences:

Custom HMIs runs on PC for machine interface

Poka Yoke system software that collects all barcodes of a product and communicates with your factory servers in real time

Robotics cell interfaces

Test equipment data collector interfaces


IoT Services

Most of our products communicate with our servers. You can see what the serves remotely and you can set thresholds to the values that you see on our dashboard.

Highlights of our servers:

All devices on the same dashboard

Devices can be set to specific thresholds for creating alarms

One or more mail groups can be set to a device

Alarms are sent with a great e-mail service

Electronics Device

Research & Development

To design a special device for your special application requires too much time to overcome challenges. Meetings after meetings, we create the best test environment.

Industrial Robotics

Professional applications using many industrial robotics brands. Over 15 years of profession on producing applications on industrial robots work as you requested.